Mideco expands to Latin American and European Markets

We are pleased to be expanding our network of agents around the world. As our brand develops and the sales of our award winning dust control systems grow there is a need for international representatives.

This year we have already forged partnerships with companies in Europe and South America.

Our new agent in Germany is PROGRA, a company that specialises in sales of grain processing equipment to German, Swiss and Austrian businesses. This position makes PROGRA a perfect partner for Mideco, as our internationally patented dust suppression device, Burnley Baffles®, has been designed specifically with the grain industry in mind.

While the system can be customised for any dry granular bulk raw product, the grain processing model is our cheapest and the most common. It reduces dust by 75% on its own, is easy to install and virtually maintenance free. It reduces your overall project costs as it eliminated the need for expensive dust collectors. You can read more about the Burnley Baffles™ here.

We’ll be also developing our client base in South America, where silicosis is one of the most common occupational diseases. In Chile and Peru we have partnered up with ROST, a company with over 20 years of experience in providing industrial solutions to businesses. Roberto Munizago N, the director of ROST, believes there is a strong need for PPE in the country and will be liaising with local mining companies re Bat Booth® sales. Chile is committed to fighting the occupational lung diseases and recently has re-launched the National Plan for Eradication of Silicosis.

We are excited about new partnerships and look forward to successful projects together in 2019 and beyond.

Burnley® Baffles at a soybean oil refinery plant in China

It’s always satisfying to receive positive feedback from our clients. We have recently heard from our client in China, a soybean oil refining plant that installed Mideco’s Burnley® Baffles earlier this year.

The plant was located near a river, and the product was unloaded from ships via a crane, into a hopper by grab and eventually into the trucks. The trucks then transported the soybean into an allocated area where it was dumped into an underground hopper. The dumping process generated heavy dust which created hazardous work environment and resulted in multiple staff complaints. Unfortunately, there was no budget to install a complicated expensive equipment to reduce the amount of dust and the problem remained.

Not until the client heard about Mideco’s Burnley® Baffles. This internationally patented dust suppression device can prevent 75% of dust escape without the use of additional dust extraction equipment. This is due to its unique design and ability for customisation. It is also much cheaper and more efficient then installing a dust collector.

The management decided to trial Burnley® Baffles for the underground hopper and the effect was immediate. The dust was supressed without any delay to the unloading processes, the management was pleased with the cost-effective solution, and staff complaints ceased.

As with most grain projects we recommended Burnley® Baffles, Model 1 to the client. Grain is the most popular application however with five different models, Burnley® Baffles can reduce dust during handling of various dry bulk material from grain to fertiliser to ore.

The unit was sold through our partner in China – Qingdao DS Environment Technology Co., Ltd and installed at the plant at the beginning of the year. It was our first shipment to China but definitely not the last.


Burnley® Baffles for Soda Ash application

In 2015 Mideco was approached by Pro Asia Pacific with a request to develop a dust system solution for their site in Laverton, Victoria. The company’s line of business included wholesale distribution of chemicals and allied products, including soda ash. We were requested to design a dust suppression system for soda ash and soda ash dust handling. This product, though not toxic, can irritate eyes, mouth and lungs and the processing machinery should be equipped with appropriate dust control tools to protect workers’ health.


In this particular case, the dust suppressing equipment was required for the multiple out-loading hoppers fed both by FEL and bobcat. The client wanted to trial out Burnley® Baffles in one of the larger hoppers with the open face area of 2900mm x 2900mm. The trial was a successful one and Mideco ended up supplying 15 units of Model 1, half-baffles to Pro Asia Pacific.

The half-baffles are shorter in length and having both, full size and half-size units, allows us to create dust suppression systems for hoppers of various surface area sizes.


We have provided the system design as per specifications, and the client was responsible for sourcing the support items and taking care of the structural engineering. Once all 15 half-baffles were ready, the client organized shipment to the Laverton site. The system was put together under Mideco’s supervision and the dust problem was solved.


Elevator project in Panevezys, Lithuania

We have recently received feedback from one of our clients in Lithuania that have been using Mideco’s Burnley® Baffles since 2013.

IMG_1056Mideco was approached by grain processing company in Panevezys, Lithuania with a request to design and supply a dust control solution for wheat unloading. The process involved unloading the product into the hoppers in the newly built building, transportation of wheat after drying to the existing silo before returning it back to the elevator. This whole process could generate a considerable amount of dust and the company wanted to minimise their staff’s dust exposure and streamline the unloading process.

The dust solution was to be designed for two hoppers, 11.7×4 metre each that were serviced by four conveyors (300 tph) and one bucket elevator (300 tph).

We recommended Model 1 of Burnley® Baffles for this project.  To accommodate the size and type of such hoppers it was calculated that they would need to be fitted with four rows of baffles containing 11 units each. In total, we built and supplied 44 full baffles for each hopper of Model 1 Burnley® Baffles in 1.6mm thick galvanised steel.

end view

In this particular instance, the baffles were supplied flat-packed. The five crates with 88 baffles in total were delivered with assembly instructions.

Usually the Burnley® Baffles are shipped assembled ready to be positioned on top of a hopper. However, it is possible to distribute unassembled baffles which the client can fairly easily assemble himself following provided instructions. This allows clients to cut delivery costs which brings the total price of the dust control solution down. For example, in this particular case 88 full baffles fully assembled would require 33 pallets for transportation.

The company wrote to us a few days ago letting us know the baffles are still working perfectly. We are always appreciative of client’s feedback and pleased to have another satisfied customer on our list.

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Mideco’s Burnley® Baffles are working hard in Lang Lang

Back in 2014 Mideco was requested to design and supply a dust control solution for the Andritz Feed and Biofuel Pty Ltd, the company from Denmark. The client’s new feed mill in Lang Lang, Victoria, handling a mix of grain and grain meal was generating a lot of dust.  A dust solution was required for the hoppers opening of approximately  3540mm x 3000mm.


After discussing the complexities of the project, we recommended Burnley® Baffles. This is Mideco’s internationally patented dust suppression device designed specifically to reduce the escape of dust from dump hoppers and chutes handling dry granular bulk raw materials such as grains and ores. In this particular case, we recommended to install Model 5 with 3.0mm thick galvanised mild steel. As the product mix has a high percentage of meal with lump sizes of anywhere between 3mm to 8mm, the welded baffles construction for effective dust suppression was also recommended.

One set of Burnley® Baffles was built for Irwin Stockfeeds in Lang Lang. It was successfully implemented and it’s still making a difference to the quality of air at the site today.

Burnley® Baffles is a well-established dust suppression system with hundreds of installations in Australia and around the world. They are also currently installed at facilities in the US, Canada, Ukraine, New Zealand, China, UK and Ireland amongst others.



Burnley® Baffles at GEAPS 2018

20180326_141334Mideco’s Burnley® Baffles have just finished a very successful run at The Grain Exchange  – the best and the biggest grain show in the U.S.  This event is organised by GEAPS – the Grain Elevator and Processing Society, an international professional association of more then 2,8000 individuals from 1,150 companies in the market of grain handling and processing.  The Grain Show with nearly 3000 attendees from 28 countries is attended by thousands of people every year.

This is not our first time at the Grain Exchange.  The U.S. company CEG, our representative in America, has been promoting our dust solutions to the local market for a few years.  But according to the CEG president, Bernie Barela, this year Burnley® Baffles have received unprecedented attention at the event. At Mideco’s stall CEG displayed a real size Burnley® Baffles, Model 1 – the model specifically designed for grain handling. Our stall also included a video presentation, demonstrating Burnley® Baffles at work. You can view it here. There was a lot of interest in the equipment from attendees this year.

We are not surprised Burnley® Baffles have been so well received.  In the area of grain handling this is the most effective dust suppression device. It is suitable for all types of dry granular bulk raw materials, can be customised for any size hopper, doesn’t require complicated installation or maintenance procedures and is cost effective. Using gravity only, the innovative design of Burnley® Baffles allows you to suppress up to 75% of dust.

We are pleased to receive such positive feedback about Burnley® Baffles after the Grain Show. We are sure its popularity in the American market will only continue to grow.

Burnley® Baffles at GEAPS 2018

It seems like March is the American partnership month for Mideco. A couple of weeks ago our Bat Booth™ was introduced to the U.S. aggregates industry for the first time at a major exhibition in Texas and this weekend it’s Burnley® Baffles’ turn.  Once again they’ll be on display at the Grain Exchange in Denver, Colorado. Our U.S. representative CEG will have a stand displaying Burnley® Baffles at the exhibition.

This is the biggest and the best show in the grain industry organised by GEAPS – the Grain Elevator and Processing Society.  GEAPS is the international professional association of more then 2,8000 individuals from 1,150 companies in the market of grain handling and processing. This organisation is the knowledge resource for the world of grain handling and processing industry operations and their grain show is a must attend event for those in the industry. This is the place to network, find operations solutions and learn about new technologies and best practices from across the industry.

The Burnley® Baffles have been shown at the Grain Exchange a few times in the past, part of nearly 3,000 attendees from 28 countries.  We have always received positive feedback and invitations to attend again. After all, the clever design of this dust control equipment has proved itself invaluable in grain processing since the 1970s. The Burnley® Baffles reduce dust by 75%, are maintenance free and available in different sizes to suit all products.

We look forward to making new connections at the Grain Exchange  this week and strengthening our position in the American market.

The project for Semaphore Container Services is finished

Last year we were approached by the Semaphore Container Services in Osborne, South Australia.  The company is an owner of a bulk out-loading vessel service operation in port Adelaide.

The Semaphore Container Services wanted to address dust issues during grain unloading as the company is located close to a residential area. The operation included grain unloaded via a chute from 20 tonne containers.  We have recommended Model 1, Burnley® Baffles to be installed in the hopper as this model is specifically designed for grain processing. In fact this has been Burnley® Baffles’s most popular application in Australia and overseas since it was designed in the late 1970th.  On its own Burnley® Baffles can provide 75% dust escape without the use of additional dust extraction equipment. In this case, to dramatically reduce dust during grain unloading Mideco has also recommended the Dust Collector ECP20.

The plans have been developed as per client’s specifications and all equipment successfully implemented in January this year. This was the project for high efficiency direct extraction and product return chute.

At Mideco we take pride in helping our clients and enjoy the challenge of a unique dust suppression problem.  Can we help you with your dust issues? Contact us today to discuss your dust extraction needs.


New projects start in Canada

This year we will be working more closely with our Canadian agent  – B3 Solutions.

B3 Solutions, situated in Vancouver, has been our reliable representative since 2012. The company promotes both Burnley Baffles and Bat Booth to the Canadian market and provides equipment installation based on Mideco’s customised design.

We are currently discussing a few 2018 projects with B3 Solutions that would require Burnley® Baffles for grain, fertiliser and sand applications.  Unloading such materials creates a lot of dust that contributes to unhealthy work environment.  In addition, it slows the workers down as they have to wait for the dust to settle. Burnley® Baffles, our internationally patented dust suppression device, is a perfect dust solution for these situations, and it’s in high demand in ports. It is specifically designed to reduce the escape of dust from dump hoppers and chutes handling dry granular bulk raw materials by 75%.  See how it works here.

Another advantage of Burnley® Baffles’s design is that can be customised for different applications and to your specifications. For projects in Canada we are recommending Model 1 and 2 that are used for grain, feeds, powders, phosphate and cement.  In total there are five Burnley® Baffles models and we can successfully solve any of your dust collection problems no matter what the granular raw material you are dealing with.  The only thing we need is hopper length, width and preferred beam spacing,

Can we help you facilitate unloading of bulk granular material at your workplace while improving the quality of air for your staff? Call our sales team to discuss your dust suppression needs.

Typical Wharf Hopper Burnley Baffle System 3


Mideco new agent in Ukraine

Mideco is pleased to be able to strengthen the partnership with Adept-Project this year, our new agent in Odessa, Ukraine.

We first connected with Adept-Project in December 2017, after our US representative sold Burnley® Baffles to one of their clients. The partnership has developed, and we are now working on several big projects that require dust control design and implementation solutions. Amongst others these will include Burnley® Baffles – our internationally patented dust suppression device.

Most of the projects we’ll be assisting with are related to grain processing. It’s no surprise as Ukraine is one of the biggest grain exporters in the world. The country’s grains export in 2016/17 hit record-high of 43.8M tons, which is significantly higher than its previous season’s record of 39M tons.

The Adept-Project company, which is a part of ADEPT-GROUP, is a strong and reliable supplier of engineering solutions for port facilities building in Ukraine. We are confident our Burnley® Baffles will prove invaluable for grain loading in the Black Sea region. After all this dust suppression device has been streamlining dry granular bulk raw materials processing in many companies around the world since the 1970th. Click here to see just some of the projects Burnley® Baffles have been part of.

Can Mideco make things easier for your business? Contact our sales team today to discuss your company’s dust extraction needs.