Qube Ports – Kwinana WA

Two Almost Complete Hoppers

The facility in Kwinana uses two existing wharf hoppers when unloading Klinker from supply ships/vessels using a 20T grab. This process produced vast amounts of dust that contaminates the wharf and surrounding properties.

Commissioning targets
Total flow for one hopper fitted with Burnley® Baffles was 15,500m³/h.
Filter efficiency in the region of 99.9%+ for particles ≥ 0.5µm.


• Burnley Baffle galvanised support frames
• Model 2 Burnley® Baffles
• Mideco Model ECP 48 Dust Collectors complete with:

o Filter support frame including:

 Trough hopper c/w integral screw conveyor
 High level probe
 4kW rotary screw compressor

Ahrens – Cement Australia – Osbourne SA

Commissioning FP15A-RA21A 058

Cement facility supplied by ships utilizing a shore based piping system delivering product to silos or a storage shed.

Commissioning targets
• Total flow for 2 filters serving storage shed, 63,900 m³/h for Shed Ventilation
• Total flow for 2 filters serving (4) storage silos, 59,800 m³/h for Silo Ventilation
• Total flow for 1 filter serving truck loading spout, 3,000 m³/h for Truck Loading Ventilation

• Refurbish (1) existing Mideco RAF21A Reverse Air dust collector at North end of receiving shed
• Supply (1) new self-standing Mideco FP15A Flat Pulse dust collector for the South end of receiving shed
• Supply (2) new Mideco FP15A Flat Pulse silo top dust collectors for the storage silos
• Supply (1) new Mideco ECP20 Economy dust collector for truck out-loading area

Kotzur – Grain Depot, Fiji

J07565 R-Pit Dust Collector for Grain

Commissioning targets
Cleaner efficiency of >99% for particles >0.5 microns.

Mideco ECP 32 Economy Pulse Filter, galvanised body and hopper with butterfly valve & legs. Fan supplied by customer rated for 5,400m³/h at 1.4kPa. Anti-static bags for grain.

Incitec Pivot – Devonport

Dust Control equipment for Fertiliser Hopper

Mideco ECP 48 Economy Pulse Stainless Steel filter

Brightwater Engineering – Holcim NSW

Dust Filter
Rooty Hill RDC – PS42 Dust Extraction System, part of the quarry infrastructure for the Holcim Rooty Hill project including a rail wagon unloading hopper.

Mideco ECP 120 Economy Pulse Jet Dust Collector

Perilya – Port Pirie

Perilya 2
Background information
Lead concentrate export facility. Concentrate is dumped out of trucks in the shed, then placed on stockpiles and stored until a ship is in port. Then the product is loaded onto ships by means of FEL’s, hoppers and conveyor belts. Each process released duct.

Commissioning targets
Total flow for 2 filters, 175,000 m³/h for Shed Ventilation and Hoppers + 8,120 m³/h for Materials Handling.
Emissions of less then or equal to 0.5 micrograms of dust per cubic meter of air released into the atmosphere

2 x Mideco 45A & 1 x Mideco 6A Dust collectors all with After Filters.

Toyota – Altona Engine casting plant


New engine plant at Toyota Australia Altona Plant, producing fumes and gasses from the casting of the All New Toyota Engine, specifically the Aluminium Head casting.

Commissioning targets

Air flow for Wet Scrubber, 54,000 m³/h, collection efficiency required >50% @ 3 micron, collection efficiency expected >65% @ 3 micron.


1 x Mideco 1100 Impingement type Wet Scrubber.


1st photo shows the Wet Scrubber, Fan and the Exhaust stack.

Geraldton Engineering – Geraldton WA

Background information

The end user was a contract materials handling firm, unloading various materials from ships and delivering them to local customers. The ship unloading process involved a clam shell grab, each time the product was dropped into the hopper dust was released.
Local authorities had informed the end user that this dust had to be managed before they would be allowed to unload anouther ship. The next ship was due in six weeks.


Geraldton Engineering supplied and installed a system inclusive of Mideco’s Burnley® Baffles and a Mideco model 15A dust collector. The whole project was delivered within the six week window.

Impact Fertillisers – Hobart

Typical Wharf Hopper Burnley Baffle System 4
Background information

Fertiliser raw materials are lifted out of the hull of a ship by clam shell grab and dropped into a land based hopper. The dust released with each dump was an issue.


Mideco supplied and installed a set of Burnley® Baffles


Mideco does not claim Burnley® Baffles will totally eliminate all dust, we normally offer them with a small dust collector. However in this case the customer was satisfied with the outcome using only the Burnley® Baffles.

Boral Shared Services Pty Ltd – Bridgewater Tas

Boral tas
Background information

A quarry crushing and screening process was creating dust that could be seen from a nearby busy road


Mideco supplied and installed 2 x Mideco Model tp-204-10-6’s a fan and duct system.

Bostik – Broadmeadows

Background information

Bostik Broadmeadows is a grout blending plant. The dust management was by dust collectors that were incorrectly specified when the plant was built. The result being dust was escaping several processes, the working environment was consistently dusty. The plant is limited for space and has many truck movements.


A Mideco model 9A was installed thus increasing the volume of air being managed and still fitting in the limited space.


One of the old dust collectors was overhauled and upgraded then re-installed as part of a new vacum system which the plant also needed.

Engine Company – Port Melbourne

Holden Engine CompanyHolden
Background information

Holden Engine Company had a large dust collector with excess capacity. They had also chosen to improve the working environment for the employees working in the furnace area. However the dust collector and furnaces were some distance apart and separated by a road. Moving the dust collector was impractical.


Mideco designed, manufactured and installed a duct system. Duct diameter 2.6m, height from the ground 20m, clear span across the roan 30m

Lycopodium/Chirano Gold Ghana – Africa

Background information

Lycopodium, designed and built a gold mining facility in Ghana, Africa. The dust collection equipment was to be a single system to extract from all points and as a result was quite large. An important technical challenge was transporting the equipment to site.


A Mideco Model 10 Venturi Scrubber manufactured segmented to allow for shipping.

Arthur Yates – Wyee Site

Yates-RAF (1)
Background information 

A Biofilter Odour control system scrubbing air from chicken manure driers and cyclones was being damaged and regularly failing as a result of dust contamination. The dust was explosive and the air stream that carried it was very hot extremely humid and highly corrosive.


A Mideco Reverse Air Baghouse was introduced to remove dust from the waist air stream between the dryers and the Odour Control System. The Baghouse used a heated bag cleaning system to protect the filter bags from the moisture contained in the moist air stream


Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Baghouse including Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation and Ducting

Design Capacity  56,000 m3/hr

Esperance Port – Land & Sea

Nickel Storage Shed

The ESP Alliance engaged Mideco to provide a dust and diesel fume management system for the port’s nickel storage shed. They required compliance with WA Mine Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995 & Australian Standard 1668.2-2002 inside the shed while still meeting environmental license conditions outside the shed.

The solution developed included M&H Diesel Particulate Filters for the loaders, use of the existing Mideco dust collectors for dust management, axial air movement fans and a Mideco reverse air filter that delivered diesel fume management with dust filtration. The Mideco reverse air filter used a heated bag cleaning system to protect the filter bags from the moisture contained in the moist air stream.

The ESP Alliance engaged Bilfinger Berger Services for site works including civil, electrical and installation.

To meet the deadline, Mideco delivered the equipment to site within 2 months and following the BBS installation works, achieved practical completion within 3 months.

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