Bag Houses / Filters

Products---FiltersMideco manufactures: large reverse air cleaned bag houses, tubular pulse filters, small pulse filters/insertables and ultra high efficiency after filters.

Bat BoothTM
(Personnel De-dusting Booth System)

P1030748 Altered SQUARE HR
A Mideco Personnel Dedusting Booth uses a compressed air manifold to blow dust off a worker’s clothing while capturing the dust using a dust filtering system.

Burnley® Baffles

Typical Wharf Hopper Burnley Baffle System 4Burnley baffles are our unique dust suppression device especially designed to reduce the escape of dust from dump hoppers and chutes handling dry granular bulk raw materials such as grains and ores.

Scrubbing Systems

imp scrubberMideco has a range of technologies available to meet any scrubbing requirement.


cyclonesMideclones are Mideco’s range of high efficiency cyclones.

Material Handling Valves

Rotary ValvesMideco manufacture a range of air lock valves that allow product to pass but do not allow air to pass backwards through them.

Spare Parts

sparesWe provide spares of the highest qualityfor all types of dust control equipment, with the most frequently used partsbeing held in stock. We also supply fluorescent dye powder for dust collector leak tests.

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