Bat Booth

(Personnel De-dusting Booth System)

Personnel De-dusting Booth

Fine dusts can be a health hazard to workers, particularly when the dust contains known carcinogens or silica. Research has shown that dusty clothing can elevate a workers exposure to dust 10 times that of a worker in clean clothing.

Many methods using vacuum or compressed air hoses are commonly used to clean dust from workers clothing. These methods are risky, slow, ineffective and do not contain the dust when dislodged from clothing.

The Mideco Bat Booth, designed as a Personnel De-dusting / clothes cleaning Booth is designed to:

– Use Safe, Regulated compressed air to create a curtain of air to blow dust off worker’s contaminated clothing
– Contain & Capture air-borne dust using a dust filtering system.

The process takes only 10-12 seconds and tests have shown a 50% improvement in dust removed from clothes over other methods.

The Bat Booth is supplied completely assembled on a skid base. Once on site, compressed air and power connections are all that is required to be fully operational.

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