Mideco Attends GEAPS Exhibition in Omaha Nebraska

As part of Mideco’s North American launch of our NEW Bat Booth and continuing to market Burnley® Baffles internationally Mideco took a stand at the famous GEAPS exhibition this year hosted in Omaha Nebraska.

Manning the stand were our Canadian Agent, Ben Burger of b3solutions, our Central American Agent, Bernie Berala of Controlled Environments Group and from Australia Melton White from Mideco Dust Control.

The exhibition attracted a larger number of visitors than ever before. We met attendees from America, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and more.

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Australian and Global Launch of the Mideco “Bat Booth”

To provide your employees with a safe, effective and efficient solution to regularly clean dust contaminant off their clothing, the team at Mideco has creatively designed, developed and manufactured the Bat Booth.

Through years of observation, research, product and process development and extensive experience in providing customers Environmentally Friendly, Safe, Healthy and Cost Effective dust control solutions across various industries the Innovative Bat Booth has emerged.

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The value of preventive maintenance


Implementing a preventive maintenance service plan for your pollution control equipment is much like carrying out routine repairsand inspections on your vehicle. Not only is completing scheduled maintenance recommended by everyautomanufacturer, but the findings can help detect a wide range of ailments under the hood before theybecome serious issues.

Preventive maintenance helps ensure theongoing integrity of your dust collection equipment. Regardless of the exact course of action you choose, an effective preventive maintenanceplan will save time and money byminimizing process interruption and the costs of downtime, as well asenhancing your overall return on investment by extending the lifespan of your critical pollution control equipment.

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Mideco Engineering knowledge & low cost of ownership wins new contract

Mideco has just secured a contract inclusive of 18 dust collectors moving a total of 670,000m3/h of air.

Nine of our Economy style dust collectors were chosen for their compact size, these will be applied to materials handling.

Six of our 36A dust collectors were chosen for their low energy consumption and long bag life, these will be applied to shed ventilation and hoppers

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