Keller impressed with a borrowed Mideco’s dust collector buys two

downloadMideco’s 60 years of expertise in the area of dust control have produced equipment that makes an impact every time.  Our new client Keller was so impressed with Mideco’s dust collector it borrowed for a particular project that the company ended up buying not one, but two of them.

We are pleased to add Keller Australia Pty Limited to our client base. Keller Group with offices in over 40 countries across six continents is the largest independent geotechnical solutions specialist in the world. Keller Australia Pty Limited provides professional engineering services for the construction of housing projects, dams, tunnels and transportation projects for clients throughout Australia.

Mideco’s dust collector was borrowed to assist with dust control during cement production.  A considerable amount of dust is emitted at almost every stage of cement manufacturing and dust collectors play a very important role in managing air quality during the process.

Keller Australia borrowed a hand shaker cleaned dust collector suitable for 30 – 60 ton storage. These particular dust collectors are standalone units and don’t require any power or compressed air. In addition, they come with their own dust collection tray. This economy filter is just one of the four powerful dust collectors manufactured by Mideco.  Just like with all our equipment we are able to customise our products to fit your particular application and dust problem. You can find out more about our filters and what they can do for you here.

Is there a dust collector you would like to try out? Give us a call today to discuss dust control issues at your workplace.

WiFi control for SKM Recycling project

This month Mideco continued to dust problem solve for SKM Recycling by providing installation of real time Wi-Fi control for the dust collectors.

We won a contract with SKM Recycling earlier this year. The company is Australia’s industry leader in recyclables processing. They provide a diverse range of recyclable sorting and collection services to councils and commercial, industrial and manufacturing organisations.

SKM Recycling required urgent assistance with dust removal during glass recycling. After the initial consultation they specified to install two dust collectors with the capacity of 45.000m3/hr each.  We were contracted to build dust collectors for the company’s sites in Victoria and South Australia within the tight time frame of two months.

At Mideco we manufacture four types of dust collectors and filters: economy, tubular pulse, reverse air filters and ultra high efficiency after filters. Using the base technology within these four types we are able to customise specifically to your product and dust problem. In addition, we can provide support engineering and appropriate technology. You can learn more about dust collectors here.

To further facilitate the dust removal process for SKM Recycling Mideco also proposed the installation of real time Wi-Fi control. This technology would allow our client to collect information about the dust collector performance and its vital signs remotely in real time. Both Mideco and SKM would be able to monitor the data. This means increased maintenance quality which translates into time, resource and cost savings. It removes the need for frequent or last minute maintenance as the client is able to watch trends in the dist collection operation.

The Wi-Fi feedback technology would be implemented at both Coolaroo site in Melbourne and Wingfield site in South Australia within four weeks. Mideco’s engineers are currently working hard to meet the client project’s deadline.

SKM Recycling’s unique, high-end solution is just one example of Mideco’s innovative approach to dust suppression, collection and removal. After 60 years in the business we take pride in providing progressive solutions to solve our client’s most complicated dust problems.

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Bat Booth™ updated brochure is available

Bat Booth BrochureWith Mideco’s Bat Booth™ being part of so many industry exhibitions recently, it’s only fair its brochure gets a facelift.

In 2018 we are refreshing our brand which will include an update of our promotional material. Earlier this year we have designed and published Mideco’s Corporate – a new company brochure that includes the company history, focus products and some case studies. Up next is the Bat Booth™ booklet.

Just like with Mideco’s Corporate, we are not making any serious changes to the brand, just improving the look. The Bat Booth™ brochure will have some new images and a slightly different layout.

While the look and feel of the brochure will change, the content will remain the same as our star personnel de-dusting machine doesn’t require an upgrade. Its unique and innovative design does the same perfect job of permanently removing up to 75% dust in 10 seconds  every time. The only items that need to be regularly updated are dust filters which work fairly hard once the Bat Booth™ is on site.

In the brochure you can also find the information about Bat Booth™ safety features, use applications, see before and after photos and illustration of its features.

Contact us today if you’d like a new brochure to be sent to you.

Burnley® Baffles at GEAPS 2018

20180326_141334Mideco’s Burnley® Baffles have just finished a very successful run at The Grain Exchange  – the best and the biggest grain show in the U.S.  This event is organised by GEAPS – the Grain Elevator and Processing Society, an international professional association of more then 2,8000 individuals from 1,150 companies in the market of grain handling and processing.  The Grain Show with nearly 3000 attendees from 28 countries is attended by thousands of people every year.

This is not our first time at the Grain Exchange.  The U.S. company CEG, our representative in America, has been promoting our dust solutions to the local market for a few years.  But according to the CEG president, Bernie Barela, this year Burnley® Baffles have received unprecedented attention at the event. At Mideco’s stall CEG displayed a real size Burnley® Baffles, Model 1 – the model specifically designed for grain handling. Our stall also included a video presentation, demonstrating Burnley® Baffles at work. You can view it here. There was a lot of interest in the equipment from attendees this year.

We are not surprised Burnley® Baffles have been so well received.  In the area of grain handling this is the most effective dust suppression device. It is suitable for all types of dry granular bulk raw materials, can be customised for any size hopper, doesn’t require complicated installation or maintenance procedures and is cost effective. Using gravity only, the innovative design of Burnley® Baffles allows you to suppress up to 75% of dust.

We are pleased to receive such positive feedback about Burnley® Baffles after the Grain Show. We are sure its popularity in the American market will only continue to grow.

Mideco at QME 2018, Mackay

B&AWe continue to expand our reach within the Australian market.  Mideco’s participation in the Queensland Mining and Engineering (QME) exhibition has just been confirmed.

QME is the state’s leading mining and engineering trade event that will take place in Mackay in July this year.  What began as a trade show in 1993 is now the largest regional mining event in Australia. Every year it brings together hundreds of companies from around Australia and the world to showcase the latest mining and engineering technical solutions available on the market.

Mideco will have a stand displaying our star personnel dedusting equipment, Bat Booth™. Being a cost effective, efficient, easy to install and use dust removal device, Bat Booth™ makes regular appearances at various industry events and exhibitions.

We already have a connection with Queensland mining. In December 2017 Glencore Mount Isa Mines acquired a first Bat Booth™. Our client has been very happy and we have received excellent feedback. We are now discussing Glencore orders for 2018.

Participating at the QME in Mackay gives us an opportunity to introduce Bat Booth™ to more Queensland mines. We are confident it will be another successful display of Mideco’s innovative dust removal solutions.

Will you be attending the QME? Come and talk to us about your dust removal needs at stand #OS500. Or call our sales representative today.

Next Bat Booths™ service run is scheduled – software update

In April all of Mideco’s local Bat Booths™ are scheduled for service and this time it will include a software update.

A regular service of our equipment is part of Mideco’s client offering. Our Bat Booths™, Burnley® Baffles and other dust collectors come with engineering support and undergo regular maintenance.

In this service run Mideco engineers will update the software for all the Australian Bat Booths™ to the latest version.  Now our clients will be able to see how much the Bat Booths™ are used by tracking the number of blasts.

During our last service in November 2017, we collected data that shows a Bat Booth™ is usually engaged around 4200 times per year. We found that once a Bat Booth™ is on site, it’s used so frequently the filters wear out quicker then anticipated. It’s not surprising. All you have to do is press a button and in ten seconds the dust has been permanently removed from a staff’s uniform. To meet the demand we had to increase our scheduled service runs up to four per year – every 3-4 months.

Updating the software is the next step which will allow our clients to monitor the filters status and replace them in timely manner. For example, if the Bat Booth™ is used a hundred times per month, we advise to change the filters twice a year.

At Mideco we continue to accumulate and apply our dust solutions knowledge to improve our products and to benefit our clients.

Burnley® Baffles at GEAPS 2018

It seems like March is the American partnership month for Mideco. A couple of weeks ago our Bat Booth™ was introduced to the U.S. aggregates industry for the first time at a major exhibition in Texas and this weekend it’s Burnley® Baffles’ turn.  Once again they’ll be on display at the Grain Exchange in Denver, Colorado. Our U.S. representative CEG will have a stand displaying Burnley® Baffles at the exhibition.

This is the biggest and the best show in the grain industry organised by GEAPS – the Grain Elevator and Processing Society.  GEAPS is the international professional association of more then 2,8000 individuals from 1,150 companies in the market of grain handling and processing. This organisation is the knowledge resource for the world of grain handling and processing industry operations and their grain show is a must attend event for those in the industry. This is the place to network, find operations solutions and learn about new technologies and best practices from across the industry.

The Burnley® Baffles have been shown at the Grain Exchange a few times in the past, part of nearly 3,000 attendees from 28 countries.  We have always received positive feedback and invitations to attend again. After all, the clever design of this dust control equipment has proved itself invaluable in grain processing since the 1970s. The Burnley® Baffles reduce dust by 75%, are maintenance free and available in different sizes to suit all products.

We look forward to making new connections at the Grain Exchange  this week and strengthening our position in the American market.

Mideco reports about AGG1 Show results

We are pleased to report that our Bat Booth™ has had a successful run at the USA 2018 National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association’s Annual Convention.  At this event, which took place earlier this month, the Bat Booth™ was introduced to America’s aggregates industry for the first time.

This exhibition is the aggregates industry’s leading exposition and education resource, that is known for showcasing the latest technologies and innovations in aggregates-related equipment, products and services. No wonder that our Bat Booth™ created a buzz and generated plenty of interest. After all, this innovative personnel dust removal machine is unlike anything else on the market.  What other equipment can not only remove but also capture the dust from staff’s uniform in only 10 seconds? And that without an expensive price tag or complicated installation process.

The success of the Bat Booth™ demonstration at the exhibition confirms there is definitely a market for this type of equipment in America. After the exhibition our U.S. representative, Controlled Environments Group LLC, has received a few offers and is now in agreement negotiations with several interested companies. In addition, we have been invited to participate in the next year exhibition in Indianapolis.

We are confident in Mideco’s equipment unique design and didn’t expect anything less.

The project for Semaphore Container Services is finished

Last year we were approached by the Semaphore Container Services in Osborne, South Australia.  The company is an owner of a bulk out-loading vessel service operation in port Adelaide.

The Semaphore Container Services wanted to address dust issues during grain unloading as the company is located close to a residential area. The operation included grain unloaded via a chute from 20 tonne containers.  We have recommended Model 1, Burnley® Baffles to be installed in the hopper as this model is specifically designed for grain processing. In fact this has been Burnley® Baffles’s most popular application in Australia and overseas since it was designed in the late 1970th.  On its own Burnley® Baffles can provide 75% dust escape without the use of additional dust extraction equipment. In this case, to dramatically reduce dust during grain unloading Mideco has also recommended the Dust Collector ECP20.

The plans have been developed as per client’s specifications and all equipment successfully implemented in January this year. This was the project for high efficiency direct extraction and product return chute.

At Mideco we take pride in helping our clients and enjoy the challenge of a unique dust suppression problem.  Can we help you with your dust issues? Contact us today to discuss your dust extraction needs.


Mideco re-branding

After 60 years of successful dust extraction it’s time for a facelift!

Mideco is pleased to be refreshing its branding this year. We will not be completely changing our brand, but rather improving the look of our promotional material. Our logo will remain the same, but we’ll change the font, introduce new images and update some content. It’s time for a new corporate style.

The first new look brochure has already been finalised and it’s looking sleek. Mideco Corporate includes the history of the company, focus products and also some case studies. All of our promotional materials will be updated to reflect this new look.

With more clients every year and more trade shows to attend, Mideco will be appropriately equipped to display our innovative and efficient equipment in style.

Let us know if you’d like to receive our new brochure.

mideco brochure