Mideco reports about AGG1 Show results

We are pleased to report that our Bat Booth™ has had a successful run at the USA 2018 National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association’s Annual Convention.  At this event, which took place earlier this month, the Bat Booth™ was introduced to America’s aggregates industry for the first time.

This exhibition is the aggregates industry’s leading exposition and education resource, that is known for showcasing the latest technologies and innovations in aggregates-related equipment, products and services. No wonder that our Bat Booth™ created a buzz and generated plenty of interest. After all, this innovative personnel dust removal machine is unlike anything else on the market.  What other equipment can not only remove but also capture the dust from staff’s uniform in only 10 seconds? And that without an expensive price tag or complicated installation process.

The success of the Bat Booth™ demonstration at the exhibition confirms there is definitely a market for this type of equipment in America. After the exhibition our U.S. representative, Controlled Environments Group LLC, has received a few offers and is now in agreement negotiations with several interested companies. In addition, we have been invited to participate in the next year exhibition in Indianapolis.

We are confident in Mideco’s equipment unique design and didn’t expect anything less.

The project for Semaphore Container Services is finished

Last year we were approached by the Semaphore Container Services in Osborne, South Australia.  The company is an owner of a bulk out-loading vessel service operation in port Adelaide.

The Semaphore Container Services wanted to address dust issues during grain unloading as the company is located close to a residential area. The operation included grain unloaded via a chute from 20 tonne containers.  We have recommended Model 1, Burnley® Baffles to be installed in the hopper as this model is specifically designed for grain processing. In fact this has been Burnley® Baffles’s most popular application in Australia and overseas since it was designed in the late 1970th.  On its own Burnley® Baffles can provide 75% dust escape without the use of additional dust extraction equipment. In this case, to dramatically reduce dust during grain unloading Mideco has also recommended the Dust Collector ECP20.

The plans have been developed as per client’s specifications and all equipment successfully implemented in January this year. This was the project for high efficiency direct extraction and product return chute.

At Mideco we take pride in helping our clients and enjoy the challenge of a unique dust suppression problem.  Can we help you with your dust issues? Contact us today to discuss your dust extraction needs.


Mideco re-branding

After 60 years of successful dust extraction it’s time for a facelift!

Mideco is pleased to be refreshing its branding this year. We will not be completely changing our brand, but rather improving the look of our promotional material. Our logo will remain the same, but we’ll change the font, introduce new images and update some content. It’s time for a new corporate style.

The first new look brochure has already been finalised and it’s looking sleek. Mideco Corporate includes the history of the company, focus products and also some case studies. All of our promotional materials will be updated to reflect this new look.

With more clients every year and more trade shows to attend, Mideco will be appropriately equipped to display our innovative and efficient equipment in style.

Let us know if you’d like to receive our new brochure.

mideco brochure

One more recognition for dust collection services from SKM Recycling

We are pleased to announce Mideco has recently won a contract for a project at SKM Recycling.

SKM recycling is Australian’s industry leader in processing of recyclables. They provide a diverse range of recyclable sorting and collection services to councils and commercial, industrial, manufacturing organisations.

The company has requested Mideco to design a dust solution for glass manufacturing. This is an urgent project that would require a delivery within two months. Mideco will be producing two dust collectors with the capacity of 45.000m3/hr each for their Victoria and South Australian sites.

At Mideco we manufacture four types of filters:

  • economy dust collectors
  • tubular pulse dust collectors
  • reverse air filters/dust collectors
  • ultra high efficiency after filters.

Using the base technology within these four types we are able to customise specifically to your product and dust problem.  You can read more about our filters here.

With 60 years of expertise and knowledge in the dust extraction industry, Mideco can design and implement a dust suppression solution for the most challenging projects.  Call us today to discuss your company environmental needs.

Bat Booth™ at AGG1 Aggregates Academy and Expo

This week Mideco’s Business Manager Mr Melton White will be introducing the Bat Booth™ to the US quarry industry for at the USA 2018 National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association’s Annual Convention.

AGG1 Academy & Expo

This annual exhibition, that opens in Huston, Texas today, is the aggregates industry’s leading exposition and education resource. Over the next 3 days, the convention will be showcasing the latest technologies and innovations in aggregates-related equipment, products and services. Mideco is proud to be a part of such an important event presenting our star personnel dedusting equipment.

We have this unique opportunity to showcase Bat Booth’s™ innovative design thanks to our U.S. representative Controlled Environments Group LLC.  The company has been our agent since 2013 promoting and selling Mideco’s dust solutions to the American and Canadian market. This is the first time, however, the Bat Booth™ will be introduced to the quarry industry.

Can Bat Booth™ be part of your industry exhibition? Call us to see if we’d be a good fit for your upcoming event.

New projects start in Canada

This year we will be working more closely with our Canadian agent  – B3 Solutions.

B3 Solutions, situated in Vancouver, has been our reliable representative since 2012. The company promotes both Burnley Baffles and Bat Booth to the Canadian market and provides equipment installation based on Mideco’s customised design.

We are currently discussing a few 2018 projects with B3 Solutions that would require Burnley® Baffles for grain, fertiliser and sand applications.  Unloading such materials creates a lot of dust that contributes to unhealthy work environment.  In addition, it slows the workers down as they have to wait for the dust to settle. Burnley® Baffles, our internationally patented dust suppression device, is a perfect dust solution for these situations, and it’s in high demand in ports. It is specifically designed to reduce the escape of dust from dump hoppers and chutes handling dry granular bulk raw materials by 75%.  See how it works here.

Another advantage of Burnley® Baffles’s design is that can be customised for different applications and to your specifications. For projects in Canada we are recommending Model 1 and 2 that are used for grain, feeds, powders, phosphate and cement.  In total there are five Burnley® Baffles models and we can successfully solve any of your dust collection problems no matter what the granular raw material you are dealing with.  The only thing we need is hopper length, width and preferred beam spacing,

Can we help you facilitate unloading of bulk granular material at your workplace while improving the quality of air for your staff? Call our sales team to discuss your dust suppression needs.

Typical Wharf Hopper Burnley Baffle System 3


NIOSH will include the Bath Booth™ into the Dust Control Handbook for the mining industry

Mideco is proud to announce that our Bath Booth™ will be included in the Dust Control Handbook produced by NIOSH (the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health).

NIOSH is the U.S. federal agency responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for the prevention of work-related injury and illness. It’s a part of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the Department of Health and Human Services.  The organisation regularly produces a range of relevant OH&S publications in over 10 languages. They are currently finalising their latest edition of The Dust Control Handbook which deals with the clothes cleaning technologies and this year it will include Mideco’s Bat Booth™.

The Bat Booth™ will be presented as one of the best examples of removing dust from personnel uniforms thus helping prevent dust related diseases, in particular those caused by silica exposure.

It is a great achievement to be included in a dust control solutions publication produced by such a recognised OH&S organisation. We completely stand by our Bath Booth™ as not only the most efficient  personnel dust removal equipment currently on the market, but also the safest one.

This, together with the Bath Booth’s™ introduction to the U.S. quarry industry  at The National Stone, Sand and Gravel Associations’ convention in March, continues to promote our dust solutions to the American market.

We look forward to a busy year ahead.


The US Quarry Industry meets the Bat Booth™

Image result for agg1 2018

This is exciting time for Mideco’s Bat Booth™ as it’s about to be introduced to the US quarry industry for the first time.  Final touches are applied to our star personnel de-dusting machine in preparation for the USA 2018 National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association’s Annual Convention that will take place in Huston, Texas between 6 and 8 March.

This exhibition is the aggregates industry’s leading exposition and education resource, that is known for showcasing the latest technologies and innovations in aggregates-related equipment, products and services. It’s a perfect space for Mideco to present our innovative dust removal equipment that is unlike anything else on the market. In only 10 seconds the compressed air cleaning jets will permanently remove and capture the dust from a staff’s uniform. That is 50% more effective that other dust removal equipment out there.

The participation in this exhibition has been made available to us through our representative in the States, Controlled Environments Group LLC. We have enjoyed a successful partnership with our US agent since 2013 which included sales of our dust removal solutions to their US and Canadian clients. This is the first time though our Bat Booth™ will be introduced specifically to the quarry industry.  The company will provide all the required administrative and operational support to ensure the Bat Booth™ has appropriate representation in the event with Melton White, the company’s Business Development Manager, doing the introduction.

Can the Bat Booth™ be part of your industry exhibition? Call us to see if we’d be a good fit for your upcoming event.

Mideco new agent in Ukraine

adeptMideco is pleased to be able to strengthen the partnership with Adept-Project this year, our new agent in Odessa, Ukraine.

We first connected with Adept-Project in December 2017, after our US representative sold Burnley® Baffles to one of their clients. The partnership has developed, and we are now working on several big projects that require dust control design and implementation solutions. Amongst others these will include Burnley® Baffles – our internationally patented dust suppression device.

Most of the projects we’ll be assisting with are related to grain processing. It’s no surprise as Ukraine is one of the biggest grain exporters in the world. The country’s grains export in 2016/17 hit record-high of 43.8M tons, which is significantly higher than its previous season’s record of 39M tons.

The Adept-Project company, which is a part of ADEPT-GROUP, is a strong and reliable supplier of engineering solutions for port facilities building in Ukraine. We are confident our Burnley® Baffles will prove invaluable for grain loading in the Black Sea region. After all this dust suppression device has been streamlining dry granular bulk raw materials processing in many companies around the world since the 1970th. Click here to see just some of the projects Burnley® Baffles have been part of.

Can Mideco make things easier for your business? Contact our sales team today to discuss your company’s dust extraction needs.

Spare Parts for Dust Collection Equipment by Mideco

Mideco doesn’t only provide a great quality, unique and effective dust solutions for your work environment. Our products come with full engineering support.

The Bath Booth™, sold with one-year warranty, is tested by an electric engineer prior to being dispatched to clients.  It is then fully serviced every four to six months with filters being replaced and all the parts checked. Last year Mideco serviced all the Australian clients’ Bat Booth™s in November. We are now preparing for the next scheduled service run which will take place in March this year at Australian sites.

In addition to providing service for all Mideco’s equipment, we can also assist with servicing of aspiration systems by other brands. We have always been a reliable supplier of dust collection equipment as well spare parts and complex service. Mideco keeps a wide range of spare parts for various brands which you can order here.

We are pleased to note that so far, we have not had any technical problems with the Bat Booths™ provided to our clients within or outside of the warranty period. But should there be any problems, Mideco is able to attend to and repair them quickly, as all spare parts are sourced locally and can be delivered without delay.