Batching plant or concrete batching plant is equipment that uses cement, sand, gravel and other materials to make concrete, the second most consumed material on Earth after water. Nearly every building or construction site includes batching plants. As the materials used to make concrete are powder and aggregates, some containing silica, dust pollution becomes an important issue in operating batching plants. Reducing the occupational dust exposure for batching plant workers and nearby residential areas is an important issue at building sites.

There are various ways to control dustECP20 Ready for Shipping - Modified pollution at a batching plant. Firstly, it is recommended that the batching plant site is enclosed. This is to reduce the amount of dust realised during storage and handling of sand and gravel, the main concrete components.  Sealing whole components of the batching plant helps further supress the overall amount of dust realised during concrete manufacturing. It is also a common practice to include dust collectors on top of silos to prevent dust pollution.

Mideco silo servicing includes:

  • service as per EPA guidelines (Publication 628. Environmental Guidelines for the Concrete Batching Industry).
  • spare parts that are readily available. Mideco’s engineers carry spare parts with them cutting overall costs and saves time.
  • cleaning down sign relevant to the silo fill system 5m radius of the fill line connection points
  • all new threads being assembled with nickel compound
  • two men DAMSTRA and BROWZ being approved

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