How to design hopper for Burnley® Baffles

Mideco’s Burnley® Baffles, our internationally patented dust suppression device, was created in 1970th for equipment handling dry granula bulk raw materials such as grain and ore. It was first employed at the KBB malting facility in Perth, Western Australia. Since then Burnley® Baffles have been used for hundreds of various applications in Australia and overseas.

The design of Burnley® Baffles is unique but simple. It relies on gravity and uses the operating principle of air movement. The installation consists of a set of modules that fill the open inlet face of a hopper. Each module contains a set of blades that pivot to allow the material to flow into the hopper. The baffles strip the air moving into the hopper off the pieces of grain or ore because the air pressure on all sides of baffles is all but constant. As the air is not heavy enough to open the blades, only the product enters the hopper which is how the dust is eliminated.

Each project begins with a client consultation.  We aim to understand all aspects of the problem to ensure we can provide the most optimum dust solution specifically for the required application and hopper size. For the dust solution to be effective we need the baffles and hopper to work together. Essentially, we adjust the design of the Burnley® Baffles to be compatible with the hopper top area.

Burnley® Baffles are a concept more than a product and we have installed them in hoppers of all shapes and sizes

Before the installation of baffles the hopper is equipped with customer supplied support beams in most cases these run parallel to the traffic flow. The elongated edge of the hopper and the outside vertical edge of about 500mm of hopper top section ensure the baffles are kept in place and have space.  Finally, a customer supplied lift out grate with grid mesh sits on top. It helps absorb the dump impact and stops the damage from potential foreign objects to the blades.  

 Side+Front Elevation


This system can supress up to 75% of dust without the use of additional dust extraction equipment. Add a suitable dust collector and this takes care of 100% of the dust during the bulk product transfer operations.

Burnley® Baffles can be customised to any application as the table below shows.

BB Applications table

Depths are pre-set depending on the application and therefore the model. There are five models available in total, depending on what granular material is involved. The most common application is grain, however Mideco’s Burnley® Baffles have been assisting with dust suppression during glass manufacturing, installed at a quartz plant, used for fertiliser and sand applications. They are currently installed at facilities in America, Canada, Ukraine, New Zealand, China, UK and Ireland amongst others.

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